General information and Fees

The course starts Monday 7th of September 2015 and finishes on Saturday 22th of June 2014. The last week of the course the classes will start at 17:00H and some groups are unified.

Pop Academia Fama does not charge any registration or administration fee.

Different payment options are available:

  • Monthly payment (due before the 5th of each month)*
  • Daily payment (per class)*
  • Whole payment (complete course)*

Classes and Uniform

All students registered at Pop Academia Fama will comply the following rules:

  • Always come 10 minutes before the start of the class to get changed in the DRESSINGROOM, not in the ballet room.
  • Shoes are taken off at the door. The use of ballet shoes or trainers is compulsory for ballet and modern dance. Sport shoes can be used for breakdance or hiphop.
  • Students must wear the FAMA uniform to classes. Neatness of appearance is required by all students in classes with hair tied back and no jewels.
  • In modern dance black long trousers and FAMA t-shirt are used.
  • Class uniform in ballet classes is white ballet tights (black for advanced girls), black leotard (no sleeves) and black skirt.
  • All articles can be bought at FAMA.

Dates of Main Shows and Exams

Pop Academia Fama organizes some shows in the Costa del Sol where students can participate. Shows and Exams schedule as follows:

    • Christmas Show: Sunday 10th December 2.017 18:00H at Theatre Las Lagunas, Mijas.
    • Exams: Last week end of May.
    • Tivoli World Show: Sunday 18th of June 2.017 17:30H at Tivoli World.
All other upcoming events will be announced in these pages or at Fama Academy door.
*Bank details for payment: Banco Popular IBAN: ES91 0075 3075 2707 0067 4039